A Wintry Tale

Like the cold breeze of winter that causes the shivers, Unforeseen moments in every story beget truths and ripples Like the gloomy days in January that never seem to cease, A few chapters evoke the pain with darkness at the crease Like the reviving rain showers that drench the trees in serenity, The soul-stirring pages … More A Wintry Tale

Fading Faith

When the agony emerged and spread like wildfire, we fought with a new fear that transpired When the numbers seemed to rise at a pace we couldn’t imagine, we screamed for help while trying to fathom When deafening sounds of pain turned into unbearable silence, we called for action but those aching shrieks were silenced … More Fading Faith

The Eternal Muse

It’s been a while since I captured the hues of the skies and today, I asked myself, “why?” My heart responds with a fastened beat clouding my mind with memories The sky now wraps itself in a new tint that keeps changing at the pace of the fleeting wind I stare at them in awe … More The Eternal Muse

Winter Warmth

The words I could never say… As I snuggle inside my cozy blanket and watch the leaves whirling in eddies of icy wind through my window, I think about all those times when everything was cold except our hearts and warmth was only a hug or a shared cup of hot chocolate away. My quilt … More Winter Warmth

The Poetic Grit

Poetry in my hands slipping like sand I let it pile as it slides Poetic heaps in my mind my heart still aches for that one to unwind… Shallow waters reflecting calmness in the wilderness Taming the exploding emotions dissolving the commotion I blend serenity with the fuss and watch new life emerging from the … More The Poetic Grit

The Night Sky

She looked up at the night sky decorated with stars awakening her memories of gleaming days, her eyes traveled from the twinkling stars to the glaring moon and she swayed, She looked down as tears rolled down her cheeks and it was the first time, she felt free as if those teardrops carried away a … More The Night Sky

Shades Of Leaves

I looked through my window and the leaves were dancing to the tunes of the wind, I twirled and frolicked with them till the skies took a glowing tint The fall arrived and leaves withered as they separated from the trees, I noticed them falling but still hoping, I borrowed some hope delivered by a … More Shades Of Leaves

When It Rained

Today when it rained, I prayed… As I heard the first sound of the pour, I asked those drops to lift the hatred as they fall It drizzled and reminded me of better days and I heard this shower telling me that there are more on their way The clouds roared but today they didn’t … More When It Rained