Lost And Found

Lost for what felt like years Now back in the light with new fears Some oblivious memories, some very clear Glad that there’s still a long road from here.

Those Silent Screams

Some broken pieces, some heavy waves Desire of something new, wishing for better days Carrying the hope of finding my way out of this maze Wondering if the answers I gather would keep me sane Those scattered pieces were now being mended, leading me to your name I want to ask you to stay but … More Those Silent Screams

Time To Let Go

A sudden void in the stomach, a sudden urge to let it all out How can we be so full of feelings and yet have an empty sensation inside? We tend to pile it all up in our heads and our hearts feel heavy with that load That void hurts and the futile attempts at … More Time To Let Go

The Lost Treasure

Memories don’t fade, nor do they settle For some, they knock on their doors all dressed up with a fragrance that lingers For a few, they arrive with a strange handshake that made them feel a void between their fingers For others, the memories play in their head with that one song reaching their ears … More The Lost Treasure

Embracing Herself

She is happier than she used to be She now feels lighter as she breathes Her heart is in a better place With every morning, that emptiness fades She found solace in the chaos She realized it was never her loss She smiles a little more and thinks a little less She writes happy tales … More Embracing Herself

When It’s Dusk

The sky bid that shine goodbye The sea took the last taste of its light As it was time for the sun to rest The nature seized every particle that glowed bright If these elements can wait for the sun to rise one more time You too can await the light as it never vanished, … More When It’s Dusk